Eviction Stop Delay Services

Eviction Stop Delay Services offers a unique service to Homeowners & Tenants who are on the brink of losing their home after a wrongful foreclosure or eviction such as a landlord foreclosure. After all else has failed, Eviction Stop can help delay the eviction for up to 18 months. Through our specialized Tenant Eviction Stop Service.




"I want to thank Mike and the good people at Eviction Stop for this valuable service because it has given me and my family the chance to keep our home and more time to search for long term solutions. I would recommend this service over opting for the immediate bankruptcy or foreclosure because good things can happen when you have more time and options. Mike made the process easy to understand and provided me with much needed guidance through this difficult time. Thanks and keep up the good work!"
-- Allan T., Los Angeles, CA View More Testimonials